14 cards pack
Self-Edition. 2016
Made by Kokoro Collective illustrators.
Genre: Erotic

For the second consecutive year, the Kokoro Graphic Collective shows its for Valentine proposal, a set of 14 cards made by collective illustrators belonging to Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). "San Calentín is a graphic and playful homage by the artists to honor to the Eros god, one offering composed of 14 picture postcards full color; 14 exclusive small artworks with pleasure, concupiscent love and sex, in all its variations, as inspiration"

"In this new collection, you can see the suggestive look at female fertility and Mother Nature of Diego A. Romero, the comic and film scene of a trapped man in the excess reflecting Dumaker and realism and naturalism with elegant colorful contrast of Paco Carrión. It's present the cartoon style with a playful and perverse message of Rafa Molina, the sensual stamped onanism, tribute to superhero comic book of Vanesa Izquierdo, and the lysergic compositions which combined cubism, surrealism and underground comic of Marino. You can not forget, you can enjoy emboldened enthusiasm, of the still life androgynous-fruity with aesthetic of journal explorer of Alba Egea or the icy tonal warmth with sensuous exuberance proposed by Andrés Egea in a unique Collective Kokoro offer, that also has exquisite figurative and simplicity fetishistic touches by Marisa Redondo and supplementation with sacred geometry concepts of opposites culminates in metaphysical color-creative explosion in the 'Sinalefa Kabbalistic' of Blando"


SanCalentin 2-1