Original Name: “Cómo Crear a Un Soñador”

Illustrated storybook
Self-edit. 2014
With punches paper and paper tabs
Genre: Fantasy
Language: Spanish

In a darkest place, where dreams and magic are nonexistent and the people live mired in sadness, two young people have the power to return happiness to its people.

The way to achieve this will be slow but rewarding, because every step they take will help to awaken the magic that believed lost.

In order to advance they must follow the instructions of a recipe titled "How to Create a Dreamer" with ingredients that you can hardly be seen through the eyes..." Very nervous and excited, the author use an historical, romantic and gothic account in this work, to encourage readers, especially in difficult times like these, for don't forget your dreams and keep betting on them" although everyone tells you that others options are better"


cómo crear a un soñador 1
Cómo crear a un soñador 2-1
Cómo crear a un soñador 3-1
Cómo crear a un soñador 4-1